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My research work explores the application of emerging technolgy to traditional problems and I use my expertise in UX/UI paradigms to explore new was of interactiing with computers. Current projects include:

Serious games
In recent years there has been in increase in interest of interactive multi-user desktop environments by collaborative training organisations employing . UK Emergency Service Major Incident training is traditionally delivered using very high (via bespoke simulation centres) or low tech (using slides, models and paper maps) means.

With my current PhD student I have been developing and testing various approaches to producing interactive simulation environments using a varity of technologies from tablet computing and touch screens to multi-touch surface technology such as Microsoft Surface.

Multi touch interactive training application

Senior medical staff collaboratively deliver pandemic training to hospital staff using ad-hoc mobile whiteboard technology and an early version of our training software

With a target audience who don't want to be disctracted by the technology in mind we have developed various touch and gesture-based systems and trialed their acceptability. Our aim is to produce Emergency Planning tabletop software to facilitate Major Incident training primarily for Medical and Emergency Medical Service personnel thus providing a more interactive alternative to the traditional paper-based tabletops. We have tested the concept on various physical platforms to assess the ergonomics and collaborative aspects of multi-user technology.

Case study

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Resilience Development Unit (RDU) is responsible for providing Major Incident education to Police Officers responding to emergencies across the Greater Manchester area. In order to produce a more interactive and engaging way to deliver a work-based training scenario the RDU have been working with my team at the University of Salford, to produce a low-cost novel electronic tabletop 'e-TableTop' software solution. An early version of our collaborative software being used as the focal point of a BBC Schools report project in 2010 Acceptability and usability of the software built has been assessed and results demonstrate participants rated a significant level of agreement with the software having clear content, being easy to navigate, use, fit for purpose, catering for their preferred learning style and facilitating their learning about the initial phases of Major Incident management. Working together with public organisations we have addressed real world training delivery issues via the application of an interactive, usable, portable, low-cost, technology-enhanced educational solution.

A detailed account of the experimental work has been published here:

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