Lecturer in Computer Science

BSc and MSc Course leader


My research work explores the application of emerging technolgy to traditional problems and I use my expertise in UX/UI paradigms to explore new was of interactiing with computers. Current projects include:

3D Multi-User Environments For Healthcare Teaching
Jointly awarded a research grant to create and develop a research island in SecondLife for the University of Salford.

Collaborating with healthcare academics and professionals investigating the effectiveness of using SecondLife as an experiential learning tool which might augment traditional practice based learning models.

Picture of a house used for OT in SecondLife

SecondLife based dynamic house for training Occupational Therapists - image from

Supervising the technical development and UX design of an interactive 3D home environment which could model the requirements of an individual with special needs and allows healthcare students to experience these needs through a desktop VR approach.

This work is ongoing and has yielded impacting cross-discipline results.

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